A Linux Distribution for Rebels

Modern Linux distributions are constantly being released. Many users often ponder the feasibility of introducing newer and newer distros to the environment, as they all seem to do the same thing. Imperium OS is a Linux-based distribution built to challenge conventional distributions, introducing new features and applications that are not often included in such distros.


A low-level library for fast polynomial interpolation within finite fields

Mathematical computation is a critical operation at a system level for endeavors such as cryptography. lagrange is a low-level C library that provides simplicity and ease-of-use for performing polynomial interpolation operations under Gf(256).


A dead simple password management system that enables users to distribute cleartext-like ciphertext to the open web, while still maintaining security and data integrity

Conventional password managers, whether offline or web-based, are filled with issues. Ghostpass is a password management system (even a protocol, you can say) that offers versatility for distribution and retrieval while still providing top-notch security

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